Excerpts from the book

Mayhem in 1982

The Vengeance of the Bastard

Poor Boy pulled up to the door in a black, four door Fleetwood Cadillac. “Someone call a cab for a ride to Babylonia?” he laughed. As the Boys filed out, each took up a seat. Goliath got into the right front passenger seat and propped the shotgun between his legs. Thinner and smaller, the three other Boys settled comfortably into the back seat. Poor Boy looked every bit the chauffeur as he headed to long Island by way of a network of Parkway arteries: Brooklyn’s Interboro Parkwy led to the Grand Central Parkway, which fed into Nassau County’s Norther State Parkway¬† – Pg 16

Poor Boy and Cobra’s female victims, saw, for the first time , other women lying naked or partially naked. At the sight of their impending fate, the new batch of lady captives wailed, and begged for mercy from the monster with the shotgun standing on the table. – Pg 26

Cobra was trembling. Since Anthony had picked him as the first to die. Cobra shook his head from left to right and wiggled his fingers and toes. He let loose with an eerie muffled scream exhaling from his mouth in an effort to blow a hole in the duct tape. His eyes watched as Susan sliced off his penis and scrotum with the speed of an ax man chopping off Anne Boleyn’s head ,and she deposited the organs into a clear plastic baggie, held open by Sean. Pg 167