About the Authors

B.D. Renard,

John F. Nolan

B.D. Renard, is a native New Yorker, Army veteran, retired businessman, and eight time author, who has a very personal and emotional interest in this story, as his daughter, home from college, began her very first night as the hostess at the Seacrest Diner on that fateful evening back in May of 1982 Fortunately, she was not one of the physically abused, but like all of the other victims of that evening, had the trauma indelibly branded into her psyche. Ironically, Mr. Renard currently resides in Westbury, New York, extremely close to where the horrendous story unfolded back in 1982.

John F. Nolan, now deceased, was also a native New Yorker. Following enlistment in the U.S Marine Corps, he served in the Nassau County NY Police Department for twenty four years, with fourteen of those as a supervisor in the Detective Division. Nolan completed his last nine years in the homicide Squad. Promoted to Lieutenant of Detectives, Nolan became the Homicide Commander, where he oversaw management of several hundred murder investigations. Until his passing in 2020, he resided on Long Island with his wife Gundie. Mayhem in 1982, was his third novel.